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“Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.” ― Stephen King


Fiction Writers

We offer community, support and advice for fiction authors and those who aspire to become fiction authors.

Fiction Book Marketing

We know that marketing fiction books is different than anything else – we’ve been there too.


Story Structure

Fiction writing is an art form. Story structure is imperative to the successful completion of any work of fiction.

Writer Websites

Tips and advice on building, growing and managing your author website to increase your sales and your bottom line.


Reviews: getting them, doing them, why they matter and more.

Character Development

No work of fiction is complete without complex, realistic characters. We’ll help you develop them.

Fiction Writers Support Center

Are you a fiction writer? If so, you’ve found your tribe! In addition to a thriving writer community, KeystrokesandCoffee.com offers you a one-stop resource for information, resources and tutorials on fiction writing, publishing, and marketing your work. You can join our fiction writer’s community, plus visit our blogs to enjoy tutorials, tips, ideas, writing prompts and more.

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Keystrokes & Coffee Fiction Writers Support

Writing fiction is a solitary pursuit, usually driven by passion. But no matter how crowded your head can get with characters, storylines and twists, many of us feel isolated and alone in our work. Our community changes all that! We offer you a safe space to connect with your fellow fiction authors to share ideas, read and review each other’s work, offer marketing tips and ideas, discuss the writers’ life and more! We won’t just commiserate over writer’s block – we’ll help you bust through it!

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